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NHS Library Homepage: Summer Reading 2022

This is Newburyport High School's Library guide for research, reading, and accessing online support for course work.

Summer Reading 2022

Bixby Adult Summer Reading Raffle • Bixby Memorial Free Library     Summer Reading 2022      FREE CHOICE, FREE CHOICE, FREE CHOICEFREE CHOICE, FREE CHOICE, FREE CHOICE

Begin your journey as a reader. You get to choose your own title to read! Classroom discussions about your books will occur in the fall.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to support student's selection of texts to ensure that students are reading appropriate material, both thematically and academically. 

Summer Reading Presentation

How Does Summer Reading Work?

Summer Reading Information 

Pile of books | Free SVGQ: How do I decide what book to read?

See the Options to the right ►  Advisory Sites that will help you find amazing book recommendations, reviews, and ratings. You are responsible for choosing your own book. Use these resources to guide you.

Q: Who can I read with?

  • Read alone or Create or Join a book club - See the Book Club Options below 

Q: What is my product? Men Book Reading Images | Free Photos, PNG Stickers, Wallpapers &  Backgrounds - rawpixel

The sheer joy of reading is your goal. Reading is fun and we want you to be able to challenge yourself to find a book that you will read and enjoy. 

Studies show when you read, academic and personal gains follow. We want this to be a lifelong impact—reading is important to your community, our democracy, but more importantly, to your health and happiness. Become a reader today!

Q: How is it graded? A+ Private Tutoring - Home | Facebook

When you arrive in your first English class, you will be asked to participate in a discussion around summer reading. Which means, if you read a book and you participate, you get an A!

A class discussion around books that were read this summer will happen in your English class this fall. As we strive to become a community of readers, we want to explore the books you read to celebrate your choices and to recommend titles to others. Discussion will be around:    

  1. What the book was about
  2. A character that was interesting
  3. A moment that stood out
  4. An image that represents the book or characters

Q: What if I am in honors or AP classes?

Academics / Honors

Honors Classes: You will read a FREE CHOICE book described above, as well as, the required reading (and activity) assigned by your teacher. Assigned books are listed on the far right column. 

Are AP Classes Worth it? – Tiger Times

AP Classes: You will read ONLY the REQUIRED reading from your AP teacher and complete the activities assigned. Assigned reading lists and assignments are listed on the far right column. 

Book Clubs

If you don't want to read alone...

Create your OWN book club

Alameda Library Book Club | Alameda Free Library

  • Gather some classmates (mixed grades are fine)
  • Find a book you all want to read
  • Ask the Newburyport Public Library to get you multiple copies of your book
  • Read together, meet virtually or in person to talk about it as often as you like!

Read with a parent/guardian/sibling/friend

Free Images : writing, work, person, color, friend, talk, chat, speak,  sense, human positions 5760x3840 - - 130618 - Free stock photos - PxHere

  • Find a book you are interested in and see if someone will read it with you.
  • Read the book
  • Meet informally to chat about what excites you about the book


Join the Newburyport Public Library Book Club IN A BIND: TEEN BOOK CLUB

Newburyport Public Library | Hulafrog Beverly-Newburyport, MADates and Book Choices at the NPL

Meet in the Young Adult section of the Newburyport Public Library on the dates above to chat about the books. 


Honors & AP Classes

Honors & AP Only  Required Reading & Assignments

PLAGIARISM WARNING: Official Policy: Academic integrity is an important expectation; all work must be your own.  You may not submit the words or ideas of online study guides or those of other students. Per the Clipper Compass, plagiarizing an online source or another student’s work (or sharing your own work in a way that allows for another student to plagiarize) will result in a 0 for the assignment for all students involved. No exceptions. 

Though you are encouraged to discuss the book with your friends you should NOT be writing the entries together. 

Freshman Honors: The Ocean at the End of the Lane, Neil Gaiman PLUS a free choice reading book. The Ocean at the End of the Lane - Wikipedia

Sophomore Honors: The Fountains of Silence, Ruta Sepetys PLUS a free choice reading book. 
Junior Honors: Behold the Dreamers, by Imbolo Mbu PLUS a free choice reading book. Behold the Dreamers: A Novel (9780525509714): Mbue, Imbolo:  Books
Junior AP:   Required Reading: Thank You for Arguing, Jay Heinrichs

And read ONE book from this AP List as well as completing the assignment! NOTE: You are NOT required to do the free choice reading, as you have to read the required book above and one title from the AP list


Senior Honors: Invisible Man, by Ralph Ellison PLUS a free choice reading book. Invisible Man (8601419432370): Ralph Ellison: Books
Senior AP:  The Plague by Albert Camus, Translated by Laura Marris (2021)
Other Acceptable Translations include: Gilbert (1948)
or Buss (2002) 
AND Invisible Man, by Ralph Ellison Invisible Man (8601419432370): Ralph Ellison: Books
You are NOT required to do the free choice reading, as you have to read the TWO required books above, as well as complete the assignments below.